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Website In A Week

Enrollment Overview

Is crummy web design costing you money? If your website looks like a kindergartener put it together, chances are YES!


Choosing the Fundamentals

Writing Your 'About Page' & First Several Blog Posts

About This Course

Think about it…

Would you buy a product from a store that was poorly designed and didn’t look professional?  

I didn’t think so. And that insight is important to remember when   you’re thinking about your blog design.

Imagine How It Would Feel To Have A Professional, Gorgeous Website…Without Paying For An Expensive Designer… Or DIYing It

The truth is, 98% of bloggers never make more than $1000 with their blogs. 

And a HUGE part of that is because most of them have amateur-looking websites. 

You’re smart and hard-working and you KNOW you have a lot to offer the world with your blog. 

You also know that having a good-looking site is important but DIY’ing isn’t working and you’re not ready to invest thousands in a fancy site (yet).

  • You’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying to create your  own website and the results kinda look a little like a five-year-old designed it.      
  • You’re stressed out and overwhelmed attempting to navigate the tech side of blogging. (Free or paid       
    theme? WordPress or SquareSpace? Bright colors or minimal design?) You’ve just begun but are already  considering throwing in the towel.        
  • You have been overwhelmed and stressed out just trying to figure out this whole blogging thing (How to get traffic! How to do blogger outreach! How often to do social media! How to find your niche!)  


A one-week experience where you walk away with a gorgeous new website AND info from a pro blogger to get your site’s content completed.

With Website in a Week, you’ll get…

  • A premium WordPress Genesis theme, so your blog doesn’t look like every single other blog out there on the internet ($99 to $149 value)
  • Coaching Videos where I’ll discuss your content strategy so you’re up and running your blog in no time ($500 value)
  • And (finally!) a beautiful & 
    professional blog
     that attracts loyal readers and customers/clients(Priceless  really, but for the sake of math, $1000 value) 

The total value of Website in a Week is over $1500.

Your investment in a gorgeous website and video coaching is  just $297.

Plus, get these 2 bonuses:

WordPress Tutorial Videos plugged right into your new site, so you know how to operate and take care of your website, and connect your blog with Google Analytics and put in all your new pages and posts.

A video tutorial on how to create your own font logo so that you’ll have a profess- looking (free) logo on your beautiful new site.

Fast. Easy. Effective.

Wondering what your site will look like?   

Here’s an example from our client

You have Premium website layouts to choose from, and you’ll receive the site with your brand colors and fonts in place. Here’s another example from one of our clients.

You deserve a beautiful, professional blog. (And, without the hassle of DIY’ing and spending wayyyy too much).

Together, we’ll get you all set up to take your site from zero to pro!   

Just plug in your content and start blogging! 

Plus, you’ll get a full 30-days of unlimited changes and revisions.