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Six Star Service: How to Get Most Tips

Enrollment Overview

Learn how to give the best service ever. We want to be so good that they can’t wait to tip you with Uber & Lyft!

Introduction to Six Star Service

Six Star Service

About This Course

Recently I met with an Uber employee and they told me that the average rating for a driver in Minnesota is a 4.6, which is the bare minimum not to be deactivated.    

When it comes to ratings, I would bet that most cities are similar to mine.  

This is a bad thing for the industry as a whole, but a good thing for your personal profits.  

I’ve heard people argue that we’re not competing with other drivers. I would disagree. If you have a passenger who has ridden before, they will compare you to them.

So in a way, you are competing. This is where excellent service is such a crucial factor.

Most drivers are not great. In fact, most quit or are deactivated in the first few months. And the ones that stick around often give a mediocre effort.  

Overview of This Course

That is why this section is called Six Star Service: How to get massive tips.

We want to be so good that passengers feel like they got way more than they paid for. We want them to wish there was a six star option.

We want to create a new bar of expectations for them. After they ride with you, they would be ruined. All other drivers would feel mediocre after riding with you.

I want us to be so good, that passengers would not only feel compelled to tip, but be happy to!  

Introducing Your Instructor  

Hi there! I’m Sam Choi and I hope to be your instructor.

For anything I’m passionate about, I strive to hack it.

How can I get the most out of it? Is there a better way to do this? So ever since I started Rideshare, I’ve been driven to master every aspect of the job.

I’ve interviewed numerous drivers, taken courses, read everything I could find on the web, and aggressively analyzed every shift I drove.  

As a result, I’ve been blessed to consistently maintain nearly perfect Five Star ratings on both Lyft and Uber and have been featured on the Rideshare Guy Podcast.  

So sign up now and increase your service and your tips!