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    PropStream® is the most trusted provider of comprehensive real estate data nationwide. We empower real estate investors with the data, investor tools, and more.

Are you struggling to keep up with listings and find the right property?

You’re not alone.

Many people struggle with wading through hundreds of properties to find the ones that meet their needs.

Finding the data you need is an entirely different problem that takes even more time out of your day.

Luckily, it’s an easy fix!

PropStream is a comprehensive solution that provides access to current real estate data anywhere in the nation as one of the best gig economy companies.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the real estate platform to determine if it’s right for you.

What Is PropStream?

PropStream is a web-based real estate platform that provides current data on properties across America.

Investors, agents, brokers, contractors, appraisers, lenders, and property managers can benefit from access to reliable information and market insights.

This platform lets you access property information anytime, anywhere so that you can make an informed decision.

Research and analyze data before you head to a site so you can use your time more efficiently.

It’s possible to search specific markets from your home, office, or car to have the most relevant information on an area and identify your next steps.

With access to reliable, comprehensive property profiles, you can act faster on great deals.

What Is PropStream Used For?

PropStream primarily provides information, but it’s a data gold mine that you can use for several things.

Anybody who works in the real estate industry can benefit from the tools and extensive information available through the platform.

After starting a blog, you can take advantage of this platform.

The database provides information on available properties across the country, and you can filter it to narrow your search.

Plus, the user interface is clean and easy to use with mobile responsiveness that lets you work from anywhere.

Find leads, identify comparables within a set area, set automated lists, and estimate costs for a renovation, among other things.

You can even tap into marketing features and keep up with industry trends based on high-quality analytics.

How PropStream Works

PropStream collects property data from several sources, including MLS records, county records, and private sources.

The resulting collective features over 150 million properties in a searchable database with filters to narrow down options for a targeted selection.

Users can set custom filters to meet their needs or use the preset options.

Propstream also allows you to search off-market properties with owners likely to work with an agent.

For more on the platform, check out this brief video from PropStream about its features.

Notable Features of PropStream

PropStream is a platform that peddles data, but it also provides numerous features to help you sort the information to use it effectively.

Though there are several features available, the following represent the most notable.

Property Searches

You could have access to all the data in the world but it doesn’t help unless you can sift through it for relevant hits.

PropStream established a property search that lets you sort by address, assessor parcel number (APN), or geographical markers.

Results propagate on a colorful map with markers and access to relevant listings that match your query.

Identify Targeted Leads

Get an edge on your competition and find properties with motivated sellers.

PropStream provides quick lists that showcase interesting subsets, like foreclosures, cash buyers, and pre-probate properties.

Choose from more than 100 statuses to target viable leads.

Accurate Comps

PropStream has a feature that provides comps within the neighborhood based on several factors, including count records, average days on market, and neighbor information.

Pull up a property on the map and the app identifies a list of relevant comps with detailed information so that you can determine a property’s true value.

Contact Property Owners

Using built-in skip tracing with DNC scrubbing, it’s possible to access the homeowner’s contact information.

You can even send a postcard through the app to provide your contact information to the prospective lead.

As a bonus, the platform offers targeted marketing with list features to keep prospects organized.

Powerful Analytics

Are you wondering about rehab estimates or estimated values for an area?

Tap into reports and analytics that detail current market trends and provide insights into neighborhoods so you can find the next hot spot before anyone else.

How Much Does PropStream Cost?

PropStream pricing includes a base package with access to most features, and then the platform offers add-ons to access additional tools.

The base package costs $99 per month with a seven-day free trial.

Add-on packages the List Automator® starting at $27 per month and adding extra team members for $20 per month.

List Automator® is a proprietary system that monitors up to 2000 properties with the ability to import and get daily updates.

You can also tap into marketing tools, like emails and postcards for an additional fee.

    • Postcards start at 40 cents each

    • Skip tracing with DNC flagging costs 12 cents each

    • Emails cost two cents each

Users can choose to add the Mobile Scout feature for free.

The Mobile Scout lets you tag and share properties.

PropStream Promotions & Savings

PropStream represents an investment in your business, but some savings couldn’t hurt.

If you’re wondering about deals, we’ve got the answers you need.

Does PropStream Have a Free Trial?

Yes, PropStream offers a seven-day free trial to test the system and see how it works.

You can access all of the features (except for List Automator) to ensure you understand what’s included and how you can use it.

The trial also includes 50 property imports or exports.

You will need to provide a credit card and the platform automatically charges you when the trial period ends.

If you decide against the app, make sure you email the company before the seven days are up.

Does PropStream Offer Coupon Codes?

Unfortunately, PropStream does not offer coupon codes or discounts beyond the free trial.

Be wary if you see somebody advertising promo codes because it’s probably a scam.

Who Are PropStream’s Main Alternatives?

Not sure PropStream is the best option for you?

Check out these alternatives.

Property Radar

This platform offers similar features for the real estate industry, though it might not be quite as clean as PropStream.

Property Radar provides data on properties, including owner contacts and community analytics.

It offers GPS-optimized driving directions and integrates with over 4000 other apps and services.

You can test out Property Radar with a three-day trial and then step into a plan.

The company offers two tiers, one at $49 per month and the other at $79 per month.

You can get a discount for paying annually instead of monthly.

It’s also possible to create a custom package, but you have to contact the team for pricing.


DealMachine is closer to PropStream in services and its user interface.

You can choose between two plans, Driving for Dollars or List Builder, depending on your goals.

Driving for Dollars targets low-cost options for higher ROI.

The other option is List Builder, which focuses on delivering more leads, but involves more marketing on your part.

Both options include access to skip tracing and direct mail marketing.

You can take advantage of a free trial to start, then packages start at $59 per month for the Starter, $99 per month for Pro, and $299 per month for Teams.

DealMachine also offers add-ons to enhance your experience.


LionDesk is another option with solutions for agents and brokers.

It’s more about organization than tracking down and filtering property data.

Agents can purchase the platform’s CRM starting at $39 per month to manage leads and tap into some of the features offered by the other platforms.

The Broker-centric platform features a range of tools including auto responses and AI lead follow-up. It monitors agent activity and reports, contacts, and leads.

Pricing is not available on the site, so you need to reach out to the company.

How Does PropStream Differentiate Itself from Competitors?

Propstream aims to do it all well, whereas its competitors focus on specific areas of real estate.

Property Radar represents a more affordable option, but it lacks the depth and breadth you get with Propstream.

DealMachine comes closer to matching PropStream, but it’s more expensive and slightly less powerful.

LionDesk offers some powerful marketing features, and it’s excellent for maintaining leads and importing data.

However, LionDesk lacks the comprehensive search capabilities you get with PropStream.

Who Is PropStream Best For?

PropStream is ideal for almost anybody working in the real estate market.

It can help house flippers, agents, renters, and investors find their next property.

You can access a powerful database that would be overwhelming if not for the convenient search functions.

Why Is PropStream Best For House Flippers?

PropStream is exceptionally useful for house flippers who need an edge on the best deals before large-scale investors and firms.

The GPS driving feature and renovation estimator function make your life easier and reduce your research and guessing at investments so you can jump on properties faster.

Is PropStream Easy to Use?

PropStream is extremely easy to use with a convenient interface that you can navigate on a desktop or mobile device.

Access the app anywhere to work on the go.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

Some users applaud the skip-tracing feature that allows them to contact potential leads through the app.

It’s convenient and efficient for marketing purposes and increases the chances of beating the competition to a property.

Additionally, many users commend the app for being so comprehensive with listings.

You can access MLS data anywhere in the nation with all the information you need.

PropStream stands out from the competition because it digs deeper and offers more information, which users use to generate better leads.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

After combing through reviews, there don’t seem to be many complaints about the app’s effectiveness.

However, some users wish the font and tabs were a bit larger and easier to navigate on the mobile version.

Some users also complain about the app freezing up, especially when using the Drive feature.

It doesn’t seem to be a consistent issue, and the platform appears to respond with fixes when approached about it.

How To Sign Up for PropStream

PropStream notes that you can sign up for the platform in less than two minutes.

Step 1: Fill Out the Initial Form

Provide your first and last name and email address to access another form.

Step 2: Complete the Second Form

The next step asks for more details about you, including your phone number, billing address, credit card information, and who referred you.

Create a username and password, then agree to the terms and conditions before clicking submit.

Step 3: Log In

Download the app or access the web-based platform and log in to start using PropStream immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about PropStream?

These are the most frequently asked questions and answers to clear things up.

Is PropStream an MLS?

No, PropStream is not an MLS, but it collects MLS data to use in the database.

It also uses a proprietary algorithm to estimate prices.

Does PropStream have a CRM?

PropStream is not officially a CRM and doesn’t offer one, but it is robust enough to substitute as a real estate CRM.

Similar Companies to Check Out

Finding information on property listings is only part of the job, and usually entails enlisting other team members.

Here are some similar products that might make your daily work easier.

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    • Angi Ads:Angi Ads is a lead board that provides listings and reviews of service providers. Display ads are a form of passive income, so It’s a helpful site for finding the right providers to help you with a property.

Wrapping Up

PropStream is a platform for the real estate industry that allows you access to information on millions of listings across the nation and is another way to make money blogging.

It pulls from MLS data but also accesses other records to create the most comprehensive information on each property.

On top of providing so much data, PropStream also offers powerful filters to organize listings, marketing opportunities to reach out to property owners, and more.

It can supplant a CRM and help you generate more quality leads.

That said, PropStream isn’t cheap, but it’s an investment in your work.

Sign up for PropStream’s seven-day free trial to test it for yourself.

Have you used PropStream?

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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