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Drizly is a fun and interesting choice. However, it’s a little different from the rest of the on-demand delivery services.

They deliver alcohol and other liquor store items to homes, offices, and private event venues.

Drizly is the world’s largest alcohol marketplace. Customers can shop beer, wine, and liquor from tons of brands.

After an order is submitted, Drizly gets the product from a local retailer and brings it to the customer.

This isn’t only about bringing a bottle or two to a dinner party or delivering pregame supplies before a group heads downtown for a night out.

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Drizly operates with the help of retail stores in over 95 North American cities, and prides itself on providing a valuable service during the celebratory moments of people’s lives such as dinners, parties, family gatherings, and even chill nights at home.

They connect customers with retailers via the app or on Drizly.com to give the retailers more business and the consumers a greater variety of products.

With that kind of reach, they have a vast selection of competitively priced products to offer.

How does Drizly work?

Drizly is an on-demand alcohol delivery service.

This means that the customer orders it and a certified Drizly driver delivers it typically within one hour of when the order was placed.

Customers verify their age on the Drizly site and shop for their favorite wine, beer, or spirits.

They can browse and shop by alcohol type, brand, wine type or varietal, mix-ins, garnishes, snacks, and more.

The order is then fulfilled at a liquor store closest to them.

When the order is ready for delivery, the Drizly driver picks it up and takes it to the location as indicated by the customer.

So how does the Drizly driver know the recipient is really of age? With an app called Mident that was made to solve this issue for Drizly.

It was created to spot fake IDs. It’s pretty exhaustive and hard to fool. However, if the fake ID gets past the software, the driver need not worry.

The legal backlash is on the liquor store – not Drizly and not the driver. Drizly is available in most major cities in the United States as well as Alberta and Vancouver.

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Delivery is their big selling point, but customers can also pick up their orders if they’d like.

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