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How to Land a CareMessage Job

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Mobile technology is truly amazing. But, smartphones don’t only offer convenience.
Smartphones also offer tools for the necessary things in life – like CareMessage, an app that helps keep people healthy.
In short, CareMessage is a healthcare education app that allows doctors to connect with patients in under-served locations.
The platform enables these doctors to text directly with patients who lack access to proper medical facilities. In other words, patients in regions with few medical resources can use the app to communicate via text messages with a healthcare professional.

Want to know more about CareMessage?
Check out The Definitive Guide to CareMessage to get an in-depth look.

CareMessage works primarily with non-profit and low-cost doctors’ offices. Patients are then able to receive free or inexpensive health advice.
The app sends out both mass texts (flu shot reminders, etc.) as well as personalized messages. Personal messages might be things like appointment updates or answers to specific questions.
It’s a great resource for those who lack access to immediate care and an exemplary example of how mobile technology makes the world a better place.
If you’re interested in working with CareMessage, this is the resource for you.
We’ll discuss how to get a job with this company, what type of salaries they pay, and why CareMessage could be the perfect place for you to work.
Take a look:

How Do I Get a Job with CareMessage?

CareMessage is a uniquely modern company.
Their mission to “bridge the gap between healthcare and technology.” One way they do this with remote-first hiring practices.
The company currently employs more than 50 remote workers all around the world. They have marketing staff, sales executives, project managers, and even engineers who work remotely in a number of different countries.
If you want to work for CareMessage, this is excellent news!
It means that you don’t necessarily have to live near their headquarters in San Francisco to get a job with them.  You can live in California, New York, or anywhere else on Earth and still work with this company.
Cool, right?
If you want to join the team and help CareMessage make the world healthier, you should check out the Careers page on their website. They are a fast-growing company, so new positions open up all the time.
They also post open positions on sites like The MuseAngelList, and FlexJobs.

CareMessage Salaries: How Much Do Employees Make?

Like most startups, CareMessage pays each of its team members a different salary depending on their role.
For example, Project Managers earn between $106K and $114K per year (according to a former employee on Glassdoor). Account Managers earn between $72K and $78K per year (which probably includes commissions if it’s like most sales gigs).
We’ve yet to find data on engineer salaries or those of the marketing team. But, as CareMessage takes pride in their competitive wages, we imagine they pay these employees handsomely.
Plus, they offer generous benefits packages.
Despite being a remote job, the company states in a recent job listing that a full-time position comes with:

  • Affordable health, dental, and vision insurance for the individual and their family
  • Paid life, short-term and long-term disability insurance
  • A 401k plan
  • Ability to opt-in to a Flexible Spending Account
  • 13 paid holidays and a winter break
  • 15 paid personal vacation days
  • 13 sick/self-care days
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Program
  • Budget for education/professional development
  • Sponsored membership to One Medical

Not bad for a company that lets its employees work from home!

Benefits of Working for CareMessage

There are several great reasons to become a part of the CareMessage staff.
Some of the upsides include:

1. Remote work opportunities:

While not all CareMessage staff work from home, they do hire a lot of remote employees.
And for many people, remote work is a dream come true.
Think about it:
You wake up, make your coffee, and get to work without having to leave the house. No more sitting in traffic or on in a crowded train on the way to the office. And once you clock out for the day, you’re already home!

2. Generous benefits:

CareMessage offers high salaries and fantastic benefits packages.
Plus, they provide paid vacations and sick days so you can take some time off without worrying about losing money.
Honestly, their health insurance offerings alone make the company stand out. It’s notoriously difficult for freelancers to get health insurance.
So, the opportunity to get benefits should appeal to any remote worker.

3. Student loan forgiveness:

CareMessage is a non-profit. There are several benefits to working for any non-profit company.
One of the best benefits is student loan forgiveness. According to the U.S Department of Education, anyone who works for a government or not-for-profit organization is eligible to have their loans waived after a set period of time.
Currently, the rule is that a non-profit employee’s remaining balance is waived once they make 120 full, consecutive payments.
In other words, if you work at CareMessage for ten years and don’t miss a loan payment during that time, you can eliminate your debt entirely.

4. Fulfillment

As a CareMessage employee, you are part of spreading health literacy. You are making a difference in the lives of under-served patient populations. At risk patients that don’t understand disease management or how to control their diabetes are now becoming healthier because of CareMessage.
Not only that, you would be bringing healthcare to low-income patients that couldn’t otherwise receive consistent healthcare.
Now, that’s fulfilling.

CareMessage Employee Reviews

For the most part, the people who work for CareMessage have pretty good things to say about the company in their Glassdoor reviews:

“Mission is authentic and aimed to make a difference in the lives of patients who need the help.”
“What I’ve loved about working at CareMessage has been the openness to ideas, the collaboration across teams, and being a part of a growing company with an incredible mission.”
“Managers truly care about your personal well being as well as your professional development.”

And, over on the CareMessage blog, the content team is enthusiastic about their remote work experience.
In a recent Medium post, “3 Reasons Why Working Remotely at CareMessage Rocks,” two employees describe the benefits of working from home.
Among other things, they write about how much they enjoy being able to live wherever they want. They also hit on making lunch during the middle of the day, and starting work without having to trek through nasty weather:

“The temperature outside as I type this is 22° F (-5.6° C) with about 50-foot visibility, as it’s snowing pretty hard. I am already at work, without having to check whether the guy I hired has shown up to plow the driveway yet or having to put on 3 or 4 extra layers of clothing just to protect myself while I clean the snow off the car.”

Of course, not everyone has good things to say about the company (you can’t please everyone).
Glassdoor posts from former employees comment on the disjunction between departments. They also note the lack of opportunities to move up the company hierarchy:

“Teams are silo’d and don’t work well with each other.”
“It’s a revolving door for talent.”
“Due to the company’s small size, career advancement opportunities are limited.”

At the moment, therefore, it appears that CareMessage is an invaluable place for remote workers to get some non-profit experience. However, some employees may eventually desire to go elsewhere if they feel they’ve hit a ceiling at the company.

Why Doctors Love CareMessage

Communication is a constant problem for health providers.
Although they can reach out to patients via phone and email, response rates are often low. The amount of time it takes to offices to contact people costs them a lot of money.
This app aims to reduce those costs and give patients better healthcare at the same time while reducing no-show rates and making sure that patients remember appointments.
One Federally Qualified Health Center in southern California was able to book more than 11,000 appointments by reaching out to their lapsed patients.
Another FQHC booked nearly 950 cervical cancer screenings by text messaging 3,085 of their female patients.
51784 patients reached, 11953 scheduled an appointment
The best part? Both centers were able to contact their entire patient pool at the same time with an auto-message. No longer do your receptionist need to call everyone individually!
And even better: It helps to reduce no-shows.
61 percent reduction in no shows
As every doctor knows, it costs money when patients forget about their appointments. This app generates automatic appointment reminders to keep no-show numbers down.
One Center in North Carolina reported a 61% reduction in no-shows.
According to CareMessage, their texts generate a 98% open rate. This is amazing for doctors who want to get their patients’ attention.

How Do I Sign Up to Work with CareMessage as a Doctor?

Are you a doctor? Do you run a healthcare organization like an office or healthcare clinic?
CareMessage could help you provide better services to your clients.
To sign up, schedule a demo through their website.
Form to schedule a CareMessage demo
A CareMessage representative will reach out to set up a demonstration.
During the demo, they’ll show you how the product works and how you can use it to your best advantage.
If you have other doctors or staff that will be using the product as well, they may want to participate in the demo. That way, everyone will understand how the tool works and how they should use it.

CareMessage Pricing

As a non-profit organization, CareMessage’s goal is to help people. They aren’t in it to make money.
So, most healthcare providers pay absolutely nothing for the service. However, this is dependent on the stipulation that the clinic works with underserved clientele.
CareMessage may charge doctors a small fee if only part of the doctor’s client base is considered underserved.
The company works with each office or clinic to negotiate a price after the product demo. Typically, the company allows the customer to use the product for a few weeks before deciding to purchase it or not.

How to Contact CareMessage

Do you have more questions about employment, pricing, or services? Want to inquire about working with them?
If so, there are a few ways to get in touch:


The best way to get answers from CareMessage is to inquire through their website.
On the Contact page of their site, they have a customer support inquiry feature. Enter your name, email, and organization name along with your question or message. The company should get back to you within a few hours. Contact form for CareMessage


You can contact the company via email at [email protected]. This email is intended mostly for software support.
If you ask any non-software questions, they may redirect you to the Contact page on their site.


You might have luck getting in touch with the company through their Twitter page. Their marketing team is active on the site and frequently interacts with the general public.
Phone number:
Unfortunately, the CareMessage phone number isn’t published on their site. You’re better off contacting them via email or Twitter.

CareMessage is Changing Face of Healthcare

Too many people lack adequate access to treatment. Whether they live in a remote location or the patient-to-doctor ratio is too high, people go without healthcare for a number of reasons.
CareMessage is working to change that with this simple tool that helps increase patient engagement. The company is giving underserved people easier access to medical expertise.
And, it’s helping doctors to keep their prices down by creating a streamlined process for patient booking.
If you want to be a part of healthcare’s future, CareMessage might be a perfect employer for you. Working with this company, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a good income while working in a meaningful field.

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