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What Is Airtasker? Make Extra Money in Your Community

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If you’re a jack of all trades who prefers odd jobs over repetition, Airtasker can put variety into your workday while giving you the income you need or some extra cash.

Airtasker is one of the gig economy’s latest task platforms, connecting everyday people with opportunities to earn that don’t require hours in the car or in front of a computer screen.

Founded in Sydney, Australia, in 2012, the app and website now have a community of over 2 million independent contractors called “Taskers” that you can join today.

Keep reading to learn exactly how Airtasker works and how to start earning on the platform.

How Does Airtasker Work?

Screenshot of Airtasker homepage
Airtasker connects users, known as Job Posters, who need help checking off their to-do lists with Taskers who are seeking easy opportunities to earn extra money.

Popular task categories on the platform include:

  • Handyman services, including wall repair and pest control
  • Office admin services, including resume writing and data entry
  • Removalist services, including packing, full house removals, and rubbish removal

Posters initiate the process by uploading a new task with details about their needs, along with their estimated budget for the local service.

Taskers in their local Airtasker community with the right skills can then submit offers, requesting a budget increase with an explanation if needed, and await further details and acceptance from the Poster.

As soon as your offer is assigned to you, the Poster’s payment is held in the secure Airtasker Pay system and you can begin working on the task.

Once completed, you can request the payment to be released.

The Poster will then release the payment, which you’ll securely receive in your bank account or PayPal account.

How to Become a Tasker

Airtasker website
Becoming a Tasker is simple, but before you join the community marketplace, you need to make sure that you meet two important requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must live and have legal working rights in Australia, the United Kingdom, or Ireland.

The latter requirement is important to remember because Airtasker doesn’t support international tasks.

This means even if you’re only accepting opportunities for remote work, you still must legally reside in the same country as the Poster.

As long as you fulfill these two simple requirements, you’re good to move on to the next step: creating an account.

Signing Up

To sign up as a Tasker, follow these easy steps:

  1. Head to the Tasker landing page on Airtasker.com.
  2. Tap the green “Join Airtasker” button on the top banner.
  3. Sign up with your email and password, or sign up with your Facebook or Google account.
  4. Submit your first name, last name, and home suburb. Then check the “I want to earn money” option.
  5. Upload your profile photo and follow the prompts to set up your notifications, add a short bio, and set up your bank payments.
  6. Tap “Browse tasks” and you’re ready to begin making offers.

Building Your Airtasker Profile

Profile page of a Tasker
Though the sign-up process is all you really need to complete to start making offers on Airtasker, we highly recommend building out your profile before you seek out earning opportunities.

A complete profile is the best way to build trust and become Job Posters’ first choice for task activities under your expertise.

Here, we’ll highlight a few areas of your profile that will improve the odds that you’ll land every job you seek out:

  • Profile picture: You should have already added your profile picture as part of your sign-up process, but it should be noted that using a great professional headshot can improve your trustworthiness right off the bat.
  • Portfolio: Here, you can add images or documents that showcase the quality of your work. If you’re primarily on the platform for tasks like car detailing, design, photography, or any task category where final appearances matter, this can provide proof of your skills.
  • Skills: This section will allow you to include information about your education, specialties, languages, work, and even your transportation. This is a great way for you to showcase your knowledge and experience, especially for tasks that require skilled labor, and snag jobs from Posters who primarily speak a language other than English.
  • Badges: Much like Airbnb, Airtasker offers badges that act as secondary layers of verification. It’s unlikely that Job Posters will invite a new Tasker to their house without some level of security, when you don’t have reviews backing you up, so it’s important to provide proof of who you are. You can tap “Get a badge” when editing your profile to browse through a wide variety of available badges.

Badges you can easily receive and add to your profile include:

  • A police check badge, for completing your background check
  • A mobile badge, for verifying your phone number
  • Social media badges, for connecting your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter

You can also upload official certifications that you hold for plumbing, electrical work, working with children, and even assembling IKEA furniture to become a preferred Tasker for specialty work.

How Much Money Can I Make on Airtasker?

Person holding money
Airtasker states that it’s possible to earn as much as $5,000 per month (in Australian dollars) as a Tasker, though your final earnings will ultimately depend on the amount of tasks and the types of tasks you’re accepting.

For example, tasks that require more skilled work or commercial equipment, like design work or AC installations, generally call for higher budgets than basic home cleaning, packing, or furniture assembly tasks.

Of course, you have the power to limit your offers to only tasks that work financially for you.

When browsing through tasks, you can sort by price, or request budget increases for originally low-paying opportunities you’re interested in.

If you play your cards right, you could earn over $170,000 AUD, like Australia’s top Airtasker did.

Frequently Asked Questions

Person digging in a garden
Now that you’re familiar with how Airtasker works and how best to begin earning money on the platform, you’re ready to sign up and make offers.

We’ve answered three frequently asked questions that Taskers have before fully committing to the platform:

1. Do I need to pay any service fees on my Airtasker earnings?

Yes, Airtasker takes a 15% service fee from your final earnings, which means a $100 task will actually only pay $85 in the end.

This service fee is exactly on par with fees on TaskRabbit, a leading task app in the United States and Canada.

The service fee is lower than what Handy, the company’s competitor in the United Kingdom, typically takes from its independent contractors.

2. What happens if an injury or property damage occurs while I’m completing my task?

All Taskers registered on Airtasker are protected by Airtasker Insurance, which covers most on-site accidents you are liable for, up to $10 million AUD in Australia and in the United Kingdom.

This liability insurance does not cover:
– Taskers in Ireland
– Tasks that aren’t completed
– Injuries or property damage caused by faulty workmanship

Because Taskers are independent contractors, your own injuries are not covered by Airtasker Insurance, regardless of whether it happens while you’re on-site or in your own home.

Damage to your property is also not covered.

3. What do I do if I can’t complete a task as originally promised?

Airtasker understands that changes may need to be made as a project is in process, so the Job Poster always has the ability to increase the price they pay or reschedule the due date as needed.

If you need an extension, an increase in pay, or even a cancellation, the best thing to do is communicate with the Job Poster to work out the details.

Posters can never decrease the price of a task or cancel a task without your permission once your offer has been accepted, so don’t worry about this editing ability causing any issues with your transactions.

Land Unique Jobs at the Right Price

With millions of tasks floating around the Airtasker marketplace each year, the task platform has become a great opportunity to earn in Australia and beyond.

Whether you’re seeking opportunities to work hands-on in your local community or from the comfort of your home, Airtasker has odd jobs for you to complete as frequently as you want.

The rising task app sector of the gig economy is an excellent place to start, if you’re interested in the odd jobs and — even better — setting your own price.

With Airtasker, you can easily be connected to flexible opportunities that work with your schedule, interests, and financial needs.

If you’re located outside of Airtasker’s service areas but still want to find similar opportunities, read about how to become a TaskRabbit Tasker in the U.S. or Canada instead.

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