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9+ Best $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps: Ranked & Reviewed (2024)

Are you looking for legit ways to make money online?

With the increasing number of websites and apps yearning for visitors, you’re sure to find one that offers sign-up bonuses.

To make things, we curated a list of the best $50 sign-up bonus apps. Keep reading to delve into a new world of financial possibilities.

Best $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps

Here’s our list of the best $50 sign-up bonus apps:

  1. Current Our Pick
  2. SpruceRunner-Up
  3. Fundrise Also Great
  4. MaxRebates Best Sign-Up Bonus for Online Shopping
  5. Go2Bank Best for Direct Deposit
  6. Constellation Best Sign-Up Bonus for Eco-Friendly Homes
  7. NeighborBest Sign-Up Bonus for Space Sharing
  8. Rocket DollarBest Sign-Up Bonus for Retirement Account Investment
  9. Survey Websites – Best Sign-Up Bonuses for Your Spare Time

An Overview of $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps

Even when it’s easy to sign up for a service, businesses need new customers.

They offer you a sign-up bonus, such as cash rewards and cashback, hoping you’ll invite friends to do the same using a unique referral code.

That’s why you’ll find more apps offering a referral program for new members.

What is a $50 Sign-Up Bonus App?

It’s an app that pays you to register a new account.

Some apps ask you to perform certain tasks, like sharing your referral link, while others offer a welcome bonus without asking you to do anything.

Why Are $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps Important?

The $50 sign-up bonus apps are important because they offer passive income that could turn your financial situation around.

Whether you’re starting an investment portfolio, building an emergency fund, or contributing towards your savings goals, you’ll appreciate the extra cash, especially since the cost of living is increasing.

Do I Need a $50 Sign-Up Bonus App?

If you want to register and use a premium app, most $50 sign-up bonuses provide that opportunity.

This way, you can explore the unique features and benefits that the service provides without investing money.

The Best $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps at a Glance

If you’re in a hurry, here are our favorite apps that offer $50 sign-up bonuses.

What is the Best $50 Sign-Up Bonus App?

The best $50 sign-up bonus app is Current.

It doesn’t charge you for saving money and offers a whopping 4% annual percentage yield (APY) with cashback rewards when you shop from one of its popular retailers.

To get its $50 sign-up bonus, you need to receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200 and a successful referral.

What is the Best Free $50 Sign Up Bonus App?

The best free app for a $50 sign-up bonus is Go2Bank.

It’s free to sign up, there are no maintenance fees, and you’ll get both a checking account and a vault for receiving a direct deposit from your employer.

The interest rate is higher than what you’ll get from a conventional bank, and you’ll enjoy other benefits. These include cash rebates when you purchase from a registered merchant and cashing checks from the comfort of your home.

Features to Look for in $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps

Certain features will help you make the most of a $50 sign-up bonus app. They include the following:

1. App Security

Apps that collect personal and financial details should follow standard practices to ensure privacy and data safety. You should research the app and read its data usage policy to know how other users rate it.

User reviews will give you insight into the overall performance, user satisfaction, and security of the app. You can also go the extra mile to check whether an app is safe to download.

2. A Wide Variety of Services

Beyond the bonus, the app should offer several features you can benefit from.

If you’re signing up for an investment app, it should have various opportunities like mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), precious metals, or stocks and bonds.

If it’s a shopping app, it should offer ongoing rewards that suit your shopping preferences and spending habits.

3. User-Friendly Interface

When an app is professionally designed, it’s easy to navigate, and overall user experience improves.

Top apps offering a $50 sign-up bonus have a simple registration process, an appealing visual design, concise and engaging content, customization settings, and clear information on the bonus.

4. Options for Redeeming Rewards

You should explore how to redeem the bonus, whether through direct deposits or cash bonuses that can only be used within the app.

If the app allows a direct deposit, you should find out whether it accepts PayPal and other merchant transactions, including automated clearing house (ACH) transfers.

Cash bonuses may come in the form of discounts or credits for specific products or services. When availing them, make sure they meet your needs.

5. Customer Support and Helpful Resources

You may encounter challenges while using the app and need assistance. Look for platforms with different channels to contact a customer representative and helpful resources such as FAQs, a knowledge center, and tutorials.

Best $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Current – Our Pick

a screenshot of the current homepage

Current is an online banking platform known for not charging monthly fees on savings accounts, an APY of 4%, and the ability to access your bank account on the go.

Its $50 sign-up bonus is easy to complete. All you have to do is sign up, then receive qualifying direct deposits of $200 within 45 days, and you’ll get the bonus after ten days.

Key Features of Current

Among other mobile banking platforms, Current stands out for the following:

  • Overdraft Protection: Overdraft fees are quite expensive, ranging between $30 – $35. But with a Current account, you don’t have to worry about fees and penalties.
  • Budgeting Tools: Current’s dashboard allows you to track your spending by category to ensure you make conscious efforts to reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Early Paycheck Access: Unlike traditional banks, Current allows you to get direct deposits two days early.
  • Automatic Micro-Saving: Current automatically rounds up your expenses and saves the difference, enabling you to meet your savings goals.
  • Cashback Rewards and Points: With up to 14,000 merchants in its cashback program, Current account owners can earn points during each purchase with a debit card, then redeem them as cashback or other items.

Pros of Current

  • Fund Security: Current partners with Choice Financial, an FDIC-insured bank, to mitigate risks. Also, its debit card contains an EMV chip, which is a more secure and smart option than a stripe-only card.
  • Cash Deposit: Unlike other mobile banking platforms, Current allows you to deposit funds at physical locations, including CVS pharmacies and gas stations.
  • Mobile Check Deposits: Provided your phone has a camera, you can take a picture of your check and send it to Current’s mobile app, and the money will be transferred to your account.

Cons of Current

  • Transaction Fees: You’re charged $3.50 for each cash deposit, and there are other fees for debit card replacement, ATM transactions outside Allpoint machines, and international purchases.
  • Maximum Balance Requirements: Account holders can only have up to $10,000, which could be frustrating if you don’t want a limit to your maximum balance.
  • No Physical Bank Branch: Although Current provides all banking services online, some people still prefer to cash checks in a brick-and-mortar bank, which Current doesn’t have.

Current Income

When you invite friends and family to join, you’ll receive a $50 cash bonus per referral. Also, an account opening via a referral link attracts a $1 cash bonus.

Final Verdict: Should You Choose Current?

Current serves people who want a smart way of banking, including access to savings and budgeting tools.

Also, you should choose Current if you’ve got a long list of friends willing to use your referral link to open a new account.

Spruce – Runner-Up

Built by H&R Block, a top tax preparation company, Spruce offers a flexible and convenient mobile banking platform.

You’ll get an instant $50 welcome bonus when you open a new account, including other perks like cashback, no monthly fees, and a free credit score.

Key Features of Spruce

Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you sign up to use Spruce:

  • Automatic Cashback: You don’t have to opt in as Spruce automatically qualifies you for a cashback when you shop with any of its partnering retailers, which includes national and local hotels, restaurants, and apparel shops.
  • Free Credit Score: You’ll get updated progress on your credit score and a breakdown of your spending habits that could impact your score.
  • Overdraft Protection: Spruce offers $20 overdraft protection for free when you opt for direct deposit.
  • Budget Tracker: With Spruce’s automated Watchlist, your spending is categorized to help you know when you’re overspending. It also allows you to monitor your income and set appropriate savings goals.
  • Early Tax Refunds and Paychecks: Federal tax refunds show up in your Spruce account five days early, while paychecks via qualifying direct deposit appear two days early.

Pros of Spruce

  • Cash Rewards: Spruce’s cashback rewards aren’t just for shopping online. They can contribute to your savings goals.
  • No Hidden Fees: Transactions are transparent on Spruce, and there are no monthly fees, sign-up fees, and minimum balance requirements.
  • Accelerated Savings: Spruce helps you meet your savings goals faster by allocating a portion of your tax refunds to savings.

Cons of Spruce

  • No Interest: A Spruce savings account doesn’t accrue interest, which could be a turn-off if you’re looking to save money long-term for compound interest.
  • No Investment Options: You’ll only get a checking and a savings account. There are no options for investing in precious metals or cryptocurrency.
  • Selective Cashback Program: Only selected items are eligible for cashback rewards, which defeats the aim of the reward system.

Spruce Income

Spruce offers $50 sign-up bonuses to new customers when they receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200 within 35 days.

You’ll also benefit from the automated cashback service when you shop with a Spruce debit card from one of its merchants.

Final Verdict: Should You Choose Spruce?

You should choose Spruce if you’re shopping online and want to earn passive income since the cash rewards can go into your savings account.

Fundrise – Also Great

A homepage of the fundrise screenshot

Fundrise is a platform that allows you to invest in venture capital, private credit, and residential and commercial properties.

It’s a great way to diversify your portfolio, cushioning the risk of extreme market volatility posed by the stock market.

Key Features of Fundrise

These features make Fundraise outstanding:

  • Open to Non-Accredited Investors: Accredited investors should have a net worth of over $1 million, excluding primary residence. However, Fundrise makes its platform accessible to all categories of investors.
  • Invitation Program: When you open an account and share your referral link with friends, you can win a share bonus from $25 to $100. Also, friends who sign up will get the equivalent share bonus value.
  • A Variety of Investments: Fundrise allows you to invest in real estate trusts and dividends, venture capital, and IPOs.
  • Account Tiers: The platform has five tiers for new members, ensuring every investor comes in at their level and upgrades as their money and risk appetite increase.
  • Help Center: Everything you need to know about Fundrise and investment is available in the help center, from getting started to liquidation and taxes.

Pros of Fundrise

  • Ease of use: Fundrise makes the process quick and easy, from account opening to investing.
  • Low Entry Requirements: With as low as $10, you can join the league of real estate investors.
  • High Returns Potential: Because investments on the platform are long-term, Fundrise implements effective strategies for high returns.

Cons of Fundrise

  • Penalty for Premature Redemption: Investors who want to redeem their shares prematurely will pay a fine of 1% of the amount. Also, the request may be declined during periods of economic uncertainty.
  • Limited Customer Support: You can contact the company through email or seek help from the resources in its help center.
  • Moderate Fees: Fundrise charges a flat fee for all account tiers, which is unfair to smaller account sizes.

Fundrise Income

You’ll earn $25 as bonus shares when you invite friends using your referral link and if your account value is between $10 and $999.99.

However, if your account contains between $1000 to $99,999.99, you’ll earn $50 per successful referral.

Final Verdict: Should You Choose Fundrise

Fundrise is a great option if you’re willing to make a long-term investment of at least five years. Since the $50 sign-up bonus is available as shares, it can increase your investment amount.

Notable Mentions: Other $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps to Check Out

MaxRebates – Best Sign-Up for Online Shopping

a screenshot of the maxrebates homepage

MaxRebates is an online shopping website offering codes and coupons for popular retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Sephora, and Home Depot.

With its wide range of retailers, you can get maximum financial benefits from purchasing your everyday items.

Why is This a Great Option?

MaxRebates is a top choice for online shoppers because of its high cashback rates and availability in several countries.

Also, you won’t pay fees because it’s free to join and cash out. You may even be lucky enough to get 100% cashback from one of the top retailers.

The site has responsive customer service that can assist you if you encounter challenges.

Drawbacks to MaxRebates

Despite the convenience of using MaxRebates for shopping, the site collects and saves your personal information to analyze your shopping preferences.

This may be a disadvantage if your details get into the hands of the wrong person. You should review its privacy details before getting started.

MaxRebates Income

MaxRebates offers between $5 to $50 sign-up bonus to new members who invite friends to join with their referral code. However, this is limited to those who make purchases with at least $10 rebates.

Go2Bank – Best for Direct Deposit

a screenshot of the go2bank homepage

Go2Bank is an online bank that offers a checking account and a savings bank account, known as a vault.

New users earn $50 sign-up bonuses when they invite friends using a referral link.

Why is This a Great Option?

Go2Bank is an FDIC-insured bank that guarantees the safety of your money.

You can also get up to a $200 overdraft with direct deposits, which is higher than most traditional banks.

With no maintenance fees and minimum balance, 4.5% APY, and 7% cashback on eGift card purchases, Go2Bank is the way to go.

Drawbacks to Go2Bank

You can receive a qualifying direct deposit but can’t transfer the money to another bank account in a different bank. And if you plan to save more than $5,000, you won’t earn interest.

Go2Bank Income

You’ll earn a $50 sign-up bonus if you open a bank account with a friend’s referral link and an additional $50 when someone signs up with your referral link.

You can earn cash up to $1500 per year.

The more friends you invite, the more referral bonuses you earn, but both parties need to receive a qualifying direct deposit of $200 within 45 days of account opening.

Constellation – Best Sign-Up Bonus for Eco-Friendly Homes

a screenshot of the constellation homepage

Constellation is a carbon-free energy producer in the US that helps businesses and residential users reduce energy consumption with its renewable energy plans.

The company also provides home security and services such as air conditioner repair and plumbing.

To attract potential clients and ensure customer loyalty, Constellation runs a referral program for old and new members to earn money rewards.

Why is This a Great Option?

With much concern about climate change, there’s a need for energy-efficient solutions. Constellation proffers a cost-effective solution while helping people reduce their carbon footprint.

You’ll also find tips for reducing your energy bills on its website.

Drawbacks to Constellation

Although Constellation is solving a global challenge, its referral program doesn’t apply to Connecticut, Illinois, and New York.

Constellation Income

New members who sign up with a friend’s referral code get a $50 welcome bonus in gift cards.

Old members earn a $50 gift card when they invite family and friends using their referral code.

You can earn up to $575 per year by consistently sending the referral code to people on your social media platforms and private network.

Neighbor – Best Sign-Up Bonus for Space Sharing

a screenshot of the neighbor homepage

Neighbor connects individuals and businesses to convenient storage spaces around their neighborhood. People who have extra space in their homes, yards, or facilities can earn passive income by partnering with Neighbor.

Why is This a Great Option?

Neighbor offers various options for making money. They include vehicle storage, climate-controlled storage, fleet parking, monthly parking, and business inventory.

It provides a host liability protection of about $1 million and other insurance plans for stored items. Also, you’ll receive payments monthly through direct deposit.

Drawbacks to Neighbor

Hosts pay a service charge on every dollar they earn on the platform. Also, hosts and renters may be unreliable and difficult to work with.

Neighbor Income

Depending on the size of the space and your location, hosts can earn between $50 to $1000 per month.

The platform offers a referral program where you earn a $50 Amazon gift card when you invite a friend to host, and they earn $100 from a qualifying reservation.

Rocket Dollar – Best Sign-Up Bonus for Retirement Account Investment

a screenshot of the rocketdollar homepage

Rocket Dollar is an individual retirement account (IRA) provider with a suite of alternative assets, including crowdfunding, various crypto coins, real estate, and precious metals.

The platform offers traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and solo 401k, providing opportunities for you to choose one that matches your retirement goals.

Why is This a Great Option?

Unlike a traditional retirement account, Rocket Dollar IRA allows you to bring your own deal. This means your portfolio can hold any investment legally allowed in an IRA, excluding collectibles and life insurance.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert investor, you’ll benefit from the investment resources available on the Rocket Dollar website. There are no hidden fees, and the user interface is modern and attractive.

Also, the customer support team ensures you get the required support, from opening an account to funding and investing.

Drawbacks to Rocket Dollar

Although Rocket Dollar makes it easy for people to invest in alternative assets, its fees are still on the high side.

It also gives preference to its gold customers since they pay a one-time setup fee of $600 and an annual fee of $360 compared to its silver customers, who pay a $360 one-time setup fee.

Rocket Dollar Income

When you open an account with Rocket Dollar, you’ll get a $50 sign-up bonus to start investing.

You can also participate in the affiliate program and earn 12 to 15% in revenue for referring a friend using a unique referral link or code.

Survey Websites – Best Sign-Up Bonuses for Your Spare Time

You can earn money from taking surveys on different sites. The top survey sites to check out are Branded Surveys, SurveyClub, Swagbucks, and Pawns.app.

Although some sites offer gift cards, those that pay instant cash can contribute to your monthly income.

Why is This a Great Option?

Most survey sites have a sign-up bonus for new members and a referral link you can share on different platforms to help you increase your earnings.

Besides taking surveys, some of these sites have multiple earning channels, such as daily login points and rewards for completing small tasks like watching videos, playing games, and shopping.

The best part is you can sign up on multiple survey websites and participate in your spare time.

Drawbacks to Survey Websites

Some survey sites have a low earning potential and a high minimum balance for payouts, which is unreasonable. You have to work round the clock to qualify to earn cash.

Halfway into a survey, the site may disqualify you because you were answering too fast or you’re not an ideal candidate for the research. This could discourage you from trying any further.

Because surveys are an easier option to earn money, they fill out quickly. You have to stay online to get notifications of active surveys before they reach the maximum number of participants.

Survey Websites Income

You can earn as low as a $1 welcome bonus and as high as $5. But if you sign up on several survey websites, you should have close to $25.

Depending on the tasks involved and the frequency of answering surveys, you can earn between $50 to $100 monthly.

Other Options Relevant to $50 Sign-Up Bonus Apps

Company policies may change, which could affect sign-up bonuses. Below are other relevant options worth checking out.

  • Passive Income Apps: Find out the best apps to earn extra cash through passive income.
  • Best Apps to Make Money: Click here to read about the best app-based gigs, surveys, reward programs, and investment and budgeting apps that can help you to earn extra cash.
  • Sign Up and Get Free Money: Companies, service providers, and retailers want to attract more customers, and a sign-up bonus app seems to work the magic. Learn how you can join to enjoy the incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Apps Pay You Instantly for Signing Up?

Cash App, Fundrise, Swagbucks, and BeFrugal pay you instantly for signing up.

However, you need to meet the threshold for withdrawal.

How Can I Make $50 in One Day?

To make $50 in one day, you can start an offline and online side hustle, such as food delivery service, package delivery, and teaching English online.

Wrapping Up

A sign-up bonus offers a great way to explore the unique features of a service, and $50 can make a reasonable contribution to your savings goals. It can also go into purchasing an item you’ve been planning to get.

Although not all sites offer cash bonuses as direct deposits, you can get cash rebates and gift cards for shopping.

Current and Spruce emerged as our top two choices because of the ease of qualifying for a $50 sign-up bonus, the security of their websites, and their budgeting tools.

Most apps mentioned above provide a referral link to increase your chances of earning more than $50.

Go ahead and download the apps that suit your needs.

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